Recipes Are a Great Way to Help Kids Learn How to Follow Multi-Step Directions 

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Recipes Are a Great Way to Help Kids 

Learn How to Follow Multi-Step Directions 


As for most of us, holiday time can get crazy! You may have a hard time getting things done around the house, especially when your kids are tearing you in different directions.  I am always hearing,  “Mom look at this” “Can we paint?” “Let’s play a game!”  Holiday time, can definitely intensify these situations and make me feel like I need to split myself in two.  I try to be there as much as I can, but when I let them go off and play alone, it is often beneficial for only a short while.  Before I know it, they get restless and need direction and purpose.  My plan is to get them involved.  Now that Thanksgiving and the holidays are here, I will have a little more to do than the usual, if we all work together, it can lighten the load.  Many nights, I find that when I am cooking dinner the kids want to get involved and spend time with me.  It also gets them quiet and focused.  So this evening we will all get to work in the kitchen.  We usually start by laying out the ingredients and reviewing the recipe.  We discuss what we will do and the order in which we will perform each task.  Then I delegate and we each take turns, sometimes it’s zesting a lemon, cracking an egg or sprinkling the chicken with salt. Once we start cooking I use important words for following directions like, First, next, then and last.  Cooking is a great activity to try with your kids, whether you think your child is targeting these skills in speech and language therapy or you just want to reinforce some important sequencing skills!  I guess when your a mom and an SLP these are the things you think about!  

If you need a fun and easy idea to get you started in the kitchen, a simple and great treat is making chocolate chip cookies!  It’s not just learning how to follow multistep directions, it’s multi-purpose – you can have fun, learn and spend time together!  It’s a win-win!

Happy cooking and Happy Thanksgiving!

27 November 2013 18:08
by Lauren Turk, MS, CCC_SLP