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How TherapyfindR Can Help You Find The Right Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech Language Therapy-TherapyfindR

Can Help You Find The Right Speech-Language



By Lauren Turk, MS, CCC-SLP

Each family’s search for a speech language pathologist (SLP) stems from a different need. Some families may seek an SLP to help their child with sound errors, while another family may search for a therapist to target an expressive language delay.  A longer-term treatment plan may be necessary for children diagnosed with ADHD, Auditory Processing, or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Whatever the case, it is important to find a therapist that understands your needs as well as your family’s needs. TherapyfindR is there to help you in your search for a speech language pathologist.

Once you have decided that you want to find a speech-language pathologist, your friends may have great recommendations or your pediatrician may have a few names on their referral list, but it would really be more helpful to have a lot more information at your fingertips before you start picking up the phone. I agree that we all like recommendations, but I often find that what is right for one family may not fit like a glass slipper for yours. I also believe it is best to do your own homework.

Just like doctors, speech language pathologist are not a one size fits all – so for example, if what you are about to tackle in speech-language therapy is apraxia, dyslexia, articulation, etc. you may want to search for a therapist based on the therapists’ experience in those specific areas.  I have to note that while many therapists are extremely well rounded, some enjoy a specific focus in their practice. 

After you select a specialty and a zip code, you can select a number of therapists to read about and their practice.  This information is listed in each therapists’ TherapyfindR profile under their personal description area.  This information will help you determine if he or she is the right therapist for you.  Once you create an account you can communicate with the therapists directly through our internal messaging system.

TherapyfindR also offer the opportunity to communicate on our message board with therapists or even with other families who may be on a similar path. Communicating with families with similar experiences to yours can be a great resource.  If you are not sure what to do or where to start, you can set up an appointment with our concierge service and have a personal consult with a speech-language pathologist who can help you decide how to proceed.

We are here to help, so do not hesitate to begin using TherapyfindR as a resource for your speech and language therapy needs.   

Lauren Turk is the founder of TherapyfindR and a Manhattan mother of 2 beautiful girls.  Lauren is passionate about making the process easier for families and therapists to connect with each other.  After hearing from friends and colleagues about the difficulty some families face in the process of finding the right therpaist, Lauren decided TherapyfindR was something worth creating.  After a decade long career of working in finance, she received a master's degree  in speech-language pathology at Teachers College, Columbia University, and currently works in NYC with children with various disabilities.  

04 February 2014 22:06
by Lauren Turk, MS, CCC-SLP