3 FUN Speech and Language Activities For a Snow Day

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3 FUN Speech and Language Activities For a Snow Day

By Lauren Turk, MS, CCC-SLP

THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS FRIGHTFUL!  Not only is it snowing, but it is hard to be trapped inside while I try to get some work done with my two kids running around the house!  Surprising, my oldest has so much energy since she has been home sick for 5 days (or maybe not so surprising).  She is finally fever free so far today.  I think a long sickness and a snowstorm warrant an extra day at home anyway, but after so many days of being house bound, I had to come up with some activities and FAST! So, this morning, I started thinking of some ideas to keep the kids entertained.  Below you will see what I came up with!   If you are a speech-language pathologist, these activities could be applied to many goals...


Valentines Day is TOMORROW check out Jenn’s ACTIVITY from CRAZY SPEECH WORLD. Jenn used foam hearts to do a synonym and antonym activity!  FUN STUFF!



We used Disney FROZEN print outs, my youngest helped identify colors and then together my 6 and 3 year old thought of adjectives for each character

ELSA                  BEAUTIFUL                        




ANNA             BRAVE                        




OLAF               HILARIOUS




Activity #3 was a sequence activity.  We drew out how we planned to make our snowman and then we followed each step as we made a mini version of a snowman in our apartment from snow I collected from our roof top.  By the way, I am not very good at building snowmen, so I left most of it up to the kids (Please see below)!


BEWARE- it melts fast!!





13 February 2014 20:27
by Lauren Turk, MS, CCC-SLP