Tablets, computers and DVDs:  Finding a Balance

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Tablets, computers and DVDs:  Finding a Balance

Michele Miller, CCC-SLP

Some studies indicate that technology devices should be used with certain precautions, particularly for young children. Although some apps and technology based activities can have some benefit, there are many other activities that benefit and support language development that don't rely on it.  Activities like reading a book, role playing, or play that encourages social interaction offer your child a meaningful experience.  Reading with your child each day and talking about the text is extremely helpful. Parents may ask questions like “What do you think is going to happen?” Remeber to keep it fun.

Although technology based games are beneficial to a certain extent, some claim that they will increase a child’s IQ, be wary of these claims. A good idea is to place a time limit on using Tablets, computers and other devices, and remember to keep other toys available.  Young children learn by manipulating items, and flat screens may inhibit spatial perceptions. Also, young children learn to communicate through interacting with others, so taking the time to talk, sing and play together is more important than buying computer programs.

When playing independently with toys, children often create a dialogue in their play. During independent play, they gain new speech and language skills becayse they are gaining valuable input, simultaneously, they are learning to entertain themselves!  Remeber this when you have the urge to turn on the television.  Quality children’s programming may expose older children to new vocabulary and concepts; however it is highly recommended that DVD/television viewing be extremely limited and better yet, not at all for children under 2. Rather than popping in a DVD when you are busy with a project, have some of your child’s favorite toys available.


Michele Miller, CCC-SLP

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05 May 2014 18:34
by Michele Miller, CCC-SLP