Thank you for inquiring about TherapyfindR Concierge

What is TherapyfindR Concierge?

TherapyfindR Concierge is a personal one-on-one conversation with a licensed speech-language pathologist (speech therapist). We’ll help you understand your needs and guide you through this difficult process.

We know it’s hard when a loved one needs help. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your child’s speech is different from his or her peers, or maybe a loved one has suffered a stroke that may affect speech and language that was once intact. A speech therapist can help, but how do you find the right one? This is why we started TherapyfindR in the first place. For many people, our free search and therapist profiles will be enough. TherapyfindR Concierge is for those that want additional guidance and support. We’ll help evaluate your situation and determine your appropriate next steps.

How does TherapyfindR concierge work?

Just fill out our short registration form. We’ll respond via email to confirm the specific appointment time. Even though a credit card is asked for in the registration form, don’t worry, you will not be charged until your session has been completed. Of course, if you are not completely satisfied, we won’t charge you at all. The cost of TherapyfindR concierge is $75 and the call will take approximately 30-45 minutes. Having the right guidance and support from a licensed professional can be very reassuring when you know what your next steps should be.

Is speech therapy given over-the-phone?

No, we are not providing therapy services over the phone. TherapyfindR Concierge is here to help you determine your appropriate course of action. Is therapy even required? What type of therapist makes sense for me? If you determine that therapy is required, you and your chosen therapist will work out an appropriate treatment plan.