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TherapyfindR is a FREE online marketplace and community for Therapists

Advertise Your Profile So You Can Share Your Speech-Language Therapy Expertise

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TherapyfindR is an online marketplace and community for Therapists
Advertise Your Profile So You can share your expertise with families in need of your skills.  Create your TherapyfindR profile today! 

How Does It Work?

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to TherapyfindR!  

TherapyfindR was created because there is a need for a community where therapists and families can come together.  We want therapists to feel at home here and create a profile that shows how special each therapist is and how special and needed our skills are.  The goal is for all therapists to create a profile, but the intent is to create more than just a directory.  We want each therapist to shine in the personal description they create for themselves and detail what their expertise and focus of their practice is. TherapyfindR is here to support you and your practice.  We know some of you have your own websites, but searching the internet for a therapists can be overwhelming for families so we aim to offer a comprehensive list that makes the family's job and your job easier.  

Once you sign up and create your profile, potential clients can learn about you and your expertise through a tailored search result. And they can contact you directly.  All messaging can be easily managed through your personal dashboard and we’ll also notify you via email when you have a new request. From there, you can exchange contact information with a potential new client should you wish to do so.  

It is FREE to list with TherapyfindR, please sign up today!

What else can I do?

Creating a quality profile should do a lot, but there are other ways to help you get noticed:

Does TherapyfindR Pair A Client With A Therapist?

TherapyfindR believes in allowing a client to exercise their personal preference in selecting a therapist. We put the choice in the hands of the client. A therapists profile is the most important way to advertise your services on our site. We do sometimes aid clients in selecting a therapist through our concierge service but therapyfindR does not select any specific therapist for a client.