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We at TherapyfindR Care About Making the Process of Connecting Speech-Language
Pathologists and Potential Clients Easier - & It's FREE!

We at TherapyfindR care about making the process of connecting speech-language pathologists and potential clients easier!  

A referral from your pediatrician or a recommendation from a friend is a great way to get a referral, but it is limiting and it is not always the right fit.  TherapyfindR gives you a wider selection at your fingertips and helps you to make the personal choice that is right for you and your family.  Each profile gives you a glimpse into what a particular speech-language pathologist’s practice specializes in and it is FREE to search!  Explore as many profiles as you wish, exchange messages with therapists and connect with other members in the TherapyfindR community. If you are still unsure of how to proceed, TherapyfindR Concierge can help by offering you a consultation session on what to do next and guide you on your path to finding the right speech-language therapist in your area.

For therapists, using TherapyfindR helps you to get information about your practice to a broader audience while making it easier for therapists and clients to find each other. Even if you are not currently seeking to add to your caseload or practice, creating a profile is a great a way to connect with other therapists!

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Lauren Turk: Founder


A Manhattan mother of 2 beautiful girls, Lauren is passionate about making the process easier for families and therapists to connect with each other.  After hearing from friends and colleagues about the difficulty some families face in the process of finding the right therpaist, Lauren decided creating TherapyfindR was a necessity.  After a decade long career of working in finance, she received a master's degree  in speech-language pathology at Teachers College, Columbia University, and currently works in NYC with children with various disabilities.  

Warren Turk: Founder

Warren is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He began a successful career in trading in 1990 and was the youngest market maker on the NYSE when he received his membership seat in 1993. Warren was

a senior partner in two member firms and a member of the NYSE for over 15 years. His business and financial experience led him to angel investing and now investing and participating in a project he truly believes can make a difference,  as well as with people he feels can make that difference happen.

Mike Dimitroff:  Founder

MIke Dimitroff has over 15 years of technical experience building web sites and technical solutions for consumers and businesses. He studied Industrial Engineering and robotics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and lives in New Jersey with his wife and two young boys.