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What is TherapyfindR?

TherapyfindR is an online marketplace connecting therapists and potential clients.  Right now, we are focused on Speech Therapy.


Why choose TherapyfindR?

Families or individuals in need of speech therapy have varying needs, some qualify for services provided through the state while others choose to use a private speech-language pathologist. Currently, the search for a speech-language pathologist is not easy.  TherapyfindR offers a comprehensive list of therapists with multiple sub-specialties, making a stressful process straightforward and reassuring.

How do I find the right therapist for me?

Use the TherapyfindR search function listed on the home page or the top menu bar.  It’s very easy to use. You can do a broad search or a narrow search using criteria relevant to you.  Read through the various profiles of different therapists to select ones that seem right.  You can then send a therapist a secure message.  Feel free to contact as many as you wish.  You and your selected therapists can then discuss your situation, enabling you to make an informed decision regarding treatment.


What type of therapists are on TherapyfindR?

Currently, there are only speech-language pathologists listed on TherapyfindR, but we hope to be expanding soon to include other therapies.


Do you screen your therapists?

To ensure you will be getting a qualified therapist, TherapyfindR will confirm the state licensure for all therapists listed on our site.


How much does speech therapy cost?

Therapists decide their individual rates.  A one hour session can cost $100 to $200 depending on the type of therapy offered as well as the therapist’s experience.


How much does your service cost?

Any individual can search our therapist database for free.  We charge therapists a monthly listing fee to post a profile.


How do I leave a Review for a Therapist?

If you already have an account: Sign in and you will be brought to your "dashboard". At the top of the page you will see the link "Search". Click the link and you will then enter the therapist's name in the "Search by name" box. Or you can just do a general search. When you find your therapist, click on her/his profile. At the top right hand corner of the profile page, you will find a blue link "Leave a review". Click the link and then compose your review in the box "Add a review..."

If you do not have an account" Click the link "Create New Account". After creating your account follow the steps listed above.


Is My Credit Card Information Safe?

No credit card information is stored on our site. TherapyfindR uses a company called Recurly. As per their website, "Sensitive information is stored using several layers of encryption in a segmented network with no public internet access." . In fact TherapyfindR doesn't even see your entire card number. Recurly "meets and exceeds all industry standard payment practices. For more information: http://recurly.com/security/

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